E3 Highlights (For me)

A few hours delayed but I had to sort my ideas about this year’s E3 and catch a few more videos, demos and other bits of news. Then I had to make up my mind on which I thought were the best and which ones I really didn’t care about, and boy there’s a lot I don’t give a damn about.

Starting with the now tired notion of “who won E3?” Which is rather pointless, to be honest.

But let’s not get into that, and focus on the really important thing about E3, the games! Continue reading E3 Highlights (For me)

The Demo Perspective

When did Demos die on PC? When did it go out of fashion to show your prospective buyers how your game looks, let them play it for themselves before they buy the product? It used to be almost absolute that a game would have a sample releasing before the actual retail product, but nowadays only a handful of games have them and most are indie. More confusing still is how developers and publishers release demos on consoles but not for PC, even if the game is multiplatform. Continue reading The Demo Perspective

E3 2015 – Highs and Lows

Last week was E3, an event that I always look forward to, because I’ll learn of upcoming releases from some of my favourite developers. I know there will be announcements for some of the yearly-released titles as well, but for me there was also a sense of awe at the original content coming. I have always been a Nintendo guy, and every time they release or announce a new iteration of their IP I’m the first one to drool.

I don’t get into “Who won E3?” because I feel it’s nonsense. I do however point out my favourite (and least favourite) announcements. The stories I enjoyed and the events that excited me. Boiling everything down to “X won this year!” makes it seem as though announcements didn’t matter. Continue reading E3 2015 – Highs and Lows

The Preorder Nightmare

Last week Ubisoft reported that Watch_Dogs had broken the record for most preorders, a week before its actual release this Tuesday. That simple statement somehow made the hype for the game even crazier, most likely leading to even more preorders. Continue reading The Preorder Nightmare

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review

The Good

  • Fantastic cast of characters.
  • Blackbeard
  • Edward is a very strong protagonist.
  • Fluid combat.
  • Streamlined naval combat.
  • Vast open-world.
  • Strong and very emotional story.
  • Fun puzzle-oriented Present-Time gameplay.
  • Desmond files.

The Bad

  • Meaningless Collectibles.
  • Upgrading is a grind.
  • Flat Present-day characters.
  • Too many “Tail” and “Eavesdrop” objectives.

Continue reading Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review