Skills Development: On Retraining

Recently, a colleague of mine asked me to well “retrain her” on web development skills, as she knows about my web ventures with GeekOut South-West. Naturally then, I figured this was a perfect opportunity for me to retrain her not just for her benefit, but for my own. As such, I figured I’d write an article about what I’m doing to retrain her – and most importantly, how this can benefit anyone with any skill. Continue reading Skills Development: On Retraining

Timlah’s Guide to Convention Crews

We’re getting into the convention season here in the United Kingdom. This is probably true for where you are too, if you know where to look for your local scene. It’s an exciting time for fandom, as it’s a chance to meet up with people you would only get to see maybe once a year, or to meet people who are actually important to you from a media perspective. It’s fandom, for crying out loud, or as I call it: Geekdom! For those of you who are uninitiated in convention activities, let me break some of the usual goings on down for you:

  • Cosplayers
  • Panels
  • Very strange and random moments
  • Romance
  • Bromance
  • Necromancy… In Cosplay!
  • Much junk food/sweets to consume
  • Merriment abound

Does this sound like a bit of a blast to you? Well it sure is a lot of fun to the thousands of people across the world who flock to these massive events. But alas, that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Behind every great convention there are a dedicated team of staff, often known as crew, who work tirelessly through the convention to bring the content the fans deserve. It’s not an easy job, it’s not even a paid position, for the record. It’s something people do for love of the community and I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of crew. This is just a few pointers and even some opinions of what it’s like to be one of these tireless workers.

Continue reading Timlah’s Guide to Convention Crews