MCM London Comic Con – My first ever Con!

If you asked me to describe the MCM London Comic Con, the answer would be ‘massive’. I have been to Rezzed two years in a row, and that’s a very intimate event, but even the big daddy of European gaming conventions, EGX, is tiny compared to the MCM Comic Con. There are so many people there, from organisers, artists, cosplayers and everyone else. It is absolutely massive.

This was my first Comic Con and not only was it a fantastic personal experience and I geeked out like I never have before, but it was also a monumental experience as runner/editor/writer of The Mental Attic. Why? Because I attended the MCM London Comic Con as Press. Continue reading MCM London Comic Con – My first ever Con!

Blast Off for SpecialEffect – GameBlast 2016

In 2014, a group of friends asked me to join them for a charity event called GameBlast. At the time I didn’t know anything about it nor about the charity they were backing, SpecialEffect. When they told me about it, I found the organisation’s work inspiring. Now, as I go into a second GameBlast with that team, Gamely Giving, It’s an honour to be part of this effort, to be another Gameblaster. Continue reading Blast Off for SpecialEffect – GameBlast 2016