Home but not gone!!

(Yes, I changed the posts name to match the image, sue me)

Hey everyone. Yes, no new posts since last Friday.

The truth is I haven’t had time. I’m working on a few personal things, and I have a big trip on the horizon. I’m also going through a massive backlog of games, Anime, movies and TV series. I want to get through all of them so I can write all the reviews for you guys.

I’m also going to be working on the first chapters for both the Urban Arcana novel and Star Wars Igniters.

You might not see much activity for the rest of this week or the other but then I’m coming back in full force!

See you all later!

Opening the Attic

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a fantastic week.

As the title states, I’m opening The Mental Attic’s doors to everyone who’s interested. Do you have something to write about, something you need to get out of your chest or your head but can’t find the place to do it? You are welcome to do so here. If it’s in your head it belongs in The Mental Attic. I might not say this very often, but The Attic for me has always been a place for a variety of ideas, a place for different minds to meet, and it’s taken me some time to realise that the only way to do so is to open it up for all of you. Continue reading Opening the Attic

Grim Dawn Now Available on Steam

Grim Dawn, the Action-RPG Spiritual Successor to the now defunct Iron Lore’s fantastic Greek Myth inspired Titan Quest, is now available for purchase on Steam, with both a 10% discount until November 12th and Early Access for those who purchase it. Continue reading Grim Dawn Now Available on Steam


Okay, maybe that title’s a bit dramatic…

But I need help with something. Originally, this blog had the Piano Black theme, but it was waaay too dull for my tastes, so I changed it to the current one. But now, it’s time for another change, so I’m asking all of you dear readers to help me find a really cool theme for me to use, even as a baseline for modifications.

Hit up the comments, and throw me some links!