Grim Dawn Now Available on Steam

Grim Dawn, the Action-RPG Spiritual Successor to the now defunct Iron Lore’s fantastic Greek Myth inspired Titan Quest, is now available for purchase on Steam, with both a 10% discount until November 12th and Early Access for those who purchase it.Grim Dawn is being developed by Crate Entertainment, comprised of Iron Lore veterans and using an upgraded version of Titan Quest’s engine.

From their site:

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game intended for digital distribution on the PC. It is being developed by veterans of Iron Lore entertainment, the makers of Titan Quest. Grim Dawn is being built with Crate’s own improved version of the Iron Lore engine and toolset; the same technology used to create Titan Quest. As a spiritual successor, Grim Dawn will attempt to better perfect the magical formula of exploration, character advancement, and loot collection pioneered by Diablo.

Players will be thrust into the dark, war-torn world of Cairn where a once proud empire has been brought to ruin and the human race driven to the edge of extinction. Cairn has become ground zero of an eternal war between two otherworldly powers, one seeking to use human bodies as a resource, the other intent upon destroying the human race before that can happen. This cataclysmic war has not only decimated human civilization but is warping the very fabric of reality and, in its wake, giving life to new horrors.

For humankind it is the dawn of a grim new age where iron has replaced gold as currency and the importance of salt as a weapon makes it far too valuable to waste on food. Small enclaves of human survivors exist scattered throughout the world, holed up in hidden refuges. These humans have quietly watched the warring invaders destroy one another and have become wise to the strengths and vulnerabilities of their otherworldly foes. A few survivors have begun to exhibit strange new abilities after surviving possession or exposure to the warp. These unnatural powers are feared by some but give many new hope of launching a resistance to fight the “outsiders” and reclaim what’s left of their world

Titan Quest is still one of my favourite ARPGs ever developed, and I’ve probably clocked more time on it than in Diablo 2 & 3 and Torchlight 1 & 2 combined. Its interesting story with twists to familiar myths as well as a very deep and highly customizable class system kept me hooked and doing something i rarely do in Diablo-styled games: create other characters.

I’ll start playing it as soon as it’s downloaded/installed and will offer Crate Entertainment any feedback I can.

If you played and loved Titan Quest, this is a must-buy, and at $27, it won’t put as much of a dent in your wallet as other games of the genre. And even if you haven’t played Titan Quest, if you trust my tastes even a little bit, then follow my advice and BUY IT NOW!!!

UPDATE: The game you can get right now is an ALPHA BUILD, so you’ll be paying for an incomplete game and more or less pay to help the quality control while they develop the rest. I don’t care about that, because these are the guys behind Titan Quest and I have no problem paying to play their alpha, because I know it’s good. I’m doing a playthrough tonight to show you the game.

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