Review: Tower of Time

I love a good RPG, as I’ve mentioned several times in the past, from JRPGs to action RPGs, as long as the story and characters are nice and the game is not soul-crushingly boring or frustrating, I’m all for it. So, I jumped at the chance to play The Tower of Time, the name alone being more than intriguing enough. So, what did I think about this title? Read on.

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Review: Golem Gates

The world is a ruined place, darkness blankets every surface. But even in this darkness hope awakens, it’s the Arbiter. Guided by a mysterious entity, he’s on a quest to recover his identity and free the land, and to do so he must destroy their Golem Gates
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Review: Past Cure

Over the years of writing reviews for games, both those with codes received from developers, publishers and their PR people and those I purchase myself, I believed I had become immune to press release hype, that I had read enough of these to see beyond the promises and not let them influence me.

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Review: Legrand Legacy

A slave, a noble, a mystical being, a war and a prophecy of destruction looming over all. Sounds familiar doesn’t it, like something found in an old-school (or even modern) JRPG. This is Legrand Legacy.
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Review: Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

The countryside is full of demons and only a deadpan Monster hunter can save the day, one stage at a time. Is it The Witcher or Van Helsing? No, it’s the new boy, Victor Vran.
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Review: Syberia 3

We thought Kate Walker’s journey was over after bringing Hans to meet with the Mammoths, but after a rough time, she’s embarking on another quest, to help the Youkols reach their promised land in Syberia 3.

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Preview: We Happy Few

I remember the announcement for We Happy Few and the first few images posted online. I thought it was creepy and exciting. I’m a big fan of dystopian settings, even more so when the people in them think of society as being utopic overall. The juxtaposition between how clearly horrible the world is and how people perceive it is fascinating for me, particularly when done right.

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Review: Good Robot

The world is done, gone and broken, and robots killed us all…but a single company made all of them and they really don’t want their involvement getting out. So now it’s up to the last Good Robot to clear up the mess, with extreme prejudice.

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Grim Dawn Now Available on Steam

Grim Dawn, the Action-RPG Spiritual Successor to the now defunct Iron Lore’s fantastic Greek Myth inspired Titan Quest, is now available for purchase on Steam, with both a 10% discount until November 12th and Early Access for those who purchase it. Continue reading Grim Dawn Now Available on Steam

Ys Series Review

In the past few months I’ve discovered a new game series which I may have mentioned a dozen times by now. They’re not new games; in fact they go way back to the 80s.


Developed by Nihon Falcom, Ys is a long series of eight games released and re-released in the span of 20+ years. While most games in the series never made it out of Japan, thanks to the good fellas at XSEED Games, we’re slowly getting most of them on this side of the pond.

I first found out about the series not through gaming sites or any such media, but through Steam Specials and Sales, and saw The Oath in Felghana on sale. At the moment I didn’t buy it, I was so broke I couldn’t even afford this relatively inexpensive game. Then Ys Origin released and at another sale I nabbed them both. I decided to give Origin a try. I loved it. I’ll get into details later on. I was about to go into Felghana when I found out it was a remake/reimagining/epic-scale-upping of Ys III. I had a dilemma, how could I play this game without I & II? Luckily for me, Ys I & II Chronicles+ released on steam a few months later, so I bought it at once and started playing through it. I finished Felghana and Ys II a couple of months ago, so I’ll review them while my mind is fresh with the memories of hours spent addicted to the mechanics and story and characters.

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