Extra Life 2017 – Prizes and Games

Hello everybody and welcome to October, one month and a day to Extra Life 2017 and a day of pure tabletop role-playing gaming goodness.

As I mentioned before, unlike my last participation and that of most people, I will not be taking part of the event broadcasting a series of videogames from dusk till dawn to collect your hard earned money for the amazing cause that is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically the McMaster Children’s Hospital, but instead I and some talented friends from around will join together to play tabletop role-playing games for you, putting our players through the paces in epic adventures for your entertainment.

As with every event I’ve been a part of, there are prizes coming, giveaways that will unlock the more donations we get. During my last Extra Life, these prizes came from video game developers and publishers, all extremely kind and willing to help with the cause. This time however, all prizes are coming from my pocket, which means I’ve been able to careful select them to make sure your donations put you in the running for some really sweet stuff.

Here’s the breakdown of prizes and the donation goal required for them to go live. In broad terms, we’ll be giving away a set of hardcover RPG books for ever $100 donated, up to $500 which is my total donation goal for this year. If we go over it, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to add another prize on top that is worthy of the donations received.

  • $100 – 7th Sea Second Edition Core Rulebook – Limited Edition (worth $99)
  • $200 – D&D Players Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Tomb of Annihilation supplement (approximately $100)
  • $300 – Scion 2nd edition books, Origin and Hero, to be released this month (worth $90 combined)
  • $400 – Starfinder Core Rulebook + Alien Archive (combined worth approximately $100)
  • $500 – Shadowrun 5th edition Core Rulebook + Street Grimoire + Run & Gun + Run Faster (combined price around $150 -200)

So you see, each prize is either nearly worth the same $100 you all put in, or even more.

Now, you may wonder why I’ve picked those prizes in particular, why those games? Well, the reason is simple, most of those games are what we’re going to play during Extra Life 2017 on November 4th. The schedule still isn’t set in stone but overall, this is the plan we have:

  • I will kick off the event with a nice D&D adventure set in my world of Telia.
  • Katie Hallahan, designer and PR Overlord for Phoenix Online Studios, will take us through the fantastic world of 7th Sea.
  • Joel Smith, one of the weirdos running GeekOut South-West and the brains behind DMing 101 on their site and during the last Kitacon, will take you to an eldritch horror version of the world of Pokemon in Pokethulu.
  • I will pick things up again and take some players in an epic quest in Scion 2nd Edition.
  • If there is still time in the day, I’ll take another group of players through a corporate heist in Shadowrun.

Now, the donations are already open, so if you’d like to get us moving along towards the goal, please click here. Alternatively, if you can’t donate, please help us by spreading the word and tweeting about my fundraising page for Extra Life 2017.

That’s it for this update, next time I’ll tell you about some of the donation incentives we have, such as choosing the final boss of the adventure or perhaps decide how you wish to complicate the players’ lives! It’s all fair when it’s for charity so start thinking about some devious plots you’d like to throw at our players during Extra Life 2017!

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