Back in a Jiffy!

For the past few months, I’ve been streaming to my LawfulGeek Twitch channel, after finally moving from my original one. I worked with an artist to get things looking perfectly and slowly worked towards growing the channel…with not much success, though I don’t let that stop me from broadcasting as I really enjoy it.

Something happened recently and my life is about to change once again and I’ll be without a powerful or stable enough internet to broadcast for a while. So until I’m once again settled and can set things up properly, I will be taking a hiatus from broadcasting to the LawfulGeek channel. This little streaming vacation will last for a month or so and I hope to be back live in May, but it may last longer than that, so I’m not going to give you a definite date for it.

What I will say is that once I’m back, things are going to get better. In the coming months, I’m planning to get a proper chair for streaming—right now doing it from a wooden one—so broadcasting won’t be painful anymore. And I’ll also work towards a new gaming PC, a proper rig to play everything. As much as I love my dear Asus ROG, it’s struggling to play newer titles even dropping all settings to the bare minimum.

I know that reading this announcement you might think all content will stop in its tracks. But don’t worry, you can still count on the daily articles on The Mental Attic and in fact, the second week of April will have lots of content from EGX Rezzed in London the week before. I’m going to be there for the full event and I’ll be playing a ton of cool games and talking to really interesting people.

And if you think this hiatus affects the ongoing series on The Mental Attic’s YouTube channel, don’t worry, those will still keep coming. I’m having too much of a blast recording episodes of Assassin’s Creed II, Darksiders and Tales of Zestiria. For the latter, I started the game making fun of its many Arthurian legend references—I still do to be honest—but it’s become my favourite of the series I’ve recorded so far. It’s very fun.

As much as I love broadcasting, my evil lawful plans of world conquest come first, so I’m going to focus on those and leave the streams on standby until I’m able to resume them and once I do I’ll push even harder than I have so far.

Hope to see you all then!

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