Narrative Aversion – In Medias Res

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past weeks that I would write an article on my absolute most hated narrative technique: In Medias Res, so let’s make good on that promise.

While the name might seem strange, you probably already know what In Medias Res entails. If you’ve ever seen a TV series or film or any other form of entertainment that begins not at the start of a story but in the middle of it, often a crucial scene, but then jumps back in time with “24 hours ago,” or some other time, then you’ve experienced In Medias Res, which classic Latin for “In the middle of things.” Continue reading Narrative Aversion – In Medias Res

Dropping the Pen – The Storytelling flaws of Arrow

His name is Oliver Queen, and we’ve heard everything about him by now, both in the present and in the ever-expanding story of his five years on an island. But while I love Arrow, one of my favourite TV and most definitely one of the best comic adaptations on TV, I have started to see patterns emerging, flaws in the writing and storytelling that I just don’t like.

So it’s time to take a look at how Arrow drops the pen! Continue reading Dropping the Pen – The Storytelling flaws of Arrow

Review: Subject 13

You wake up in a strange place, right after a botched suicide attempt. A voice speaks to you and tells you to follow him. So what do you do? You follow it of course, as its latest subject, Subject 13. Continue reading Review: Subject 13