Narrative Aversion – In Medias Res

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past weeks that I would write an article on my absolute most hated narrative technique: In Medias Res, so let’s make good on that promise.

While the name might seem strange, you probably already know what In Medias Res entails. If you’ve ever seen a TV series or film or any other form of entertainment that begins not at the start of a story but in the middle of it, often a crucial scene, but then jumps back in time with “24 hours ago,” or some other time, then you’ve experienced In Medias Res, which classic Latin for “In the middle of things.” Continue reading Narrative Aversion – In Medias Res

Novel Games – The Dresden Files

There are many games out there with worlds based on works of fiction. From The Witcher games, based off Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, to the Sherlock Holmes titles and even such adaptations as American McGee’s Alice.

Novel adaptations as games have become a common thing, sometimes more prolific than even film tie-ins, offering a deeper and more compelling experience than those. Novel-based games often have a thoroughly crafted universe to draw from in terms of plot, characters and gameplay design options.

Last time we took a short at Simon R. Green’s Nightside. For this second issue we’ll look at another popular Urban Fantasy series, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. You will see that while their fiction genre is the same, the two would be completely different as games! Continue reading Novel Games – The Dresden Files

Grounded Fantasy – Why I’m Tired of the Genre

I love fantasy, I really do but I’m tired of it, tired of how it plays out in novels, books and TV series. I’m tired of the tropes and styles, the clichés and approaches, the worlds and the people. I have read good and bad fantasy, played atrocious games in the genre as well as amazing ones. I’ve written terrible stories and some good ones. More than any other genre, I feel fantasy has reached a stagnation point. Continue reading Grounded Fantasy – Why I’m Tired of the Genre