Review: Fighting Fantasy Legends

Pick one, a barbarian, an elf or a dwarf. Now set them on an adventure that will test their skill and just how lucky they are. This is Fighting Fantasy Legends.

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Review: Songbringer

A simple scouting mission becomes a desperate fight for survival. With only your trusty bot and a nanosword by your side, you must do all to return to your ship, the Songbringer.
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Review: Syberia 3

We thought Kate Walker’s journey was over after bringing Hans to meet with the Mammoths, but after a rough time, she’s embarking on another quest, to help the Youkols reach their promised land in Syberia 3.

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Review: Yooka Laylee

Two creatures, two partners, fighting evil, collecting thingamajigs and opening doors to new worlds. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Almost nostalgic? But no, it’s not Banjo-Kazooie, it’s Yooka Laylee.
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Review: Zheros

Robots and strange creatures are taking over worlds, sent by an evil mastermind. But not all hope is lost, Mike and Dorian are still here, kicking butts as only Zheros can!
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Review: Subject 13

You wake up in a strange place, right after a botched suicide attempt. A voice speaks to you and tells you to follow him. So what do you do? You follow it of course, as its latest subject, Subject 13. Continue reading Review: Subject 13

Review: Ghost of a Chance

The Carnacki Institute protects the British Empire against threats from beyond the grave. Their agents confront otherworldly beings and terrible haunts every day. But nothing can prepare them for what’s coming to Oxford Tube Station and they’ll need all their wits about them to even have a Ghost of a Chance to win the day! Continue reading Review: Ghost of a Chance