First Look: Wynonna Earp

The first thing I ever saw of Wynonna Earp was an article on why the series needed a 2nd season—the first one currently airing. It was this article, in fact, which made me look up the new supernatural western TV series. The article headline had an image of the eponymous protagonist, Wynonna Earp, and a man dressed like a cowboy, which I hoped was the ancient lawman himself, in ghost form or something similar—which sadly wasn’t the case. Continue reading First Look: Wynonna Earp

Preview: Seraph

I first saw Seraph at Rezzed, but didn’t get the chance to play it. Thankfully, the developers at Dreadbit were kind enough to send me a code for Seraph, which is on Steam on Early Access. I’ve played through the current build and here are my thoughts on this game of angelic acrobatic action. Continue reading Preview: Seraph

Review: Goetia

Imagine you died and then suddenly came back a disembodied spirit. Nothing is as you remember it and your family, or what’s left of it, seems to have vanished. Poor Abigail finds herself in this situation, exploring the haunted Blackwood Manor now possessed by Goetia demons.

Continue reading Review: Goetia