Preview: Seraph

I first saw Seraph at Rezzed, but didn’t get the chance to play it. Thankfully, the developers at Dreadbit were kind enough to send me a code for Seraph, which is on Steam on Early Access. I’ve played through the current build and here are my thoughts on this game of angelic acrobatic action. Continue reading Preview: Seraph

Review: Good Robot

The world is done, gone and broken, and robots killed us all…but a single company made all of them and they really don’t want their involvement getting out. So now it’s up to the last Good Robot to clear up the mess, with extreme prejudice.

Continue reading Review: Good Robot

Genres & Gems

Second on these gaming posts.

This one’s all about genres.

No, I’m not gonna define the genres, you can check Wikipedia for those, but I am gonna talk about my favorites and mention a few games in each, little gems you might not know about.

Let’s kick it off with RPGS, my favorite. Continue reading Genres & Gems