Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV – Episode 1 – Brood Knight

It’s been a while since I recorded a playthrough with commentary, aka a Let’s Play. But with the release of Final Fantasy XV and especially because of its promise to be accessible for both veterans and newcomers to the series, I decided it would be cool to maybe show those newcomers the entries in the Final Fantasy series that have now become classics.

I could have gone for the original version of the game, on Super Nintendo through my Wii U’s virtual console, but considering just how good the DS (and now Steam) version is, I decided to use this one for the Final Fantasy IV playthrough.

On this episode, let me know, is Cecil a bit too broody and melodramatic, or is it just me? I give the guy some credit later in the episode, but at the start he’s a bit too intense for my tastes.

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