Review – Heaven’s Vault

And archaeologist with a chip on her shoulder and her trusty new robot race across the nebula to track down a lost colleague, piece together fragments of lost history and hopefully prevent the fall of their civilisation. To do this, they’ll have to find the Heaven’s Vault. Continue reading Review – Heaven’s Vault

Darksiders III – WTF Happened?

Last night I finsihed Darksiders III and instead of whooping and feeling excited across the playthrough, as I did with its predecessors, I could only ask myself: What the hell happened? Continue reading Darksiders III – WTF Happened?

Seething Hatred – ReBoot: The Guardian Code

I loved ReBoot, the original series, I fell in love with its characters and followed them on their adventures as they tackled virus and games. As worried as I was about the live action elements of ReBoot: The Guardian Code, I decided to give it a fair shot. Having watched it, I can only say…I absolutely detest it. Continue reading Seething Hatred – ReBoot: The Guardian Code

The Star Wars Prequels…and how to fix them…

It’s no secret everyone pretty much hates the Star Wars prequels. I personally like them, but I admit they’re flawed, in both minor and major stuff. I actually like everything that’s been done beyond the movies themselves, i.e. Expanded Universe, like the Clone Wars animated series for example. With the recent Disney acquisition of Lucas Inc., I’ve been mulling over the reason why I have certain issues with the backstory trilogy.

On the outset the Anakin-Trilogy wasn’t a bad idea. Darth Vader is THE iconic Star Wars character, and knowing where he came from was a fantastic project. Sadly, it was a very badly executed good idea. Let’s see why and how it could be fixed (If Lucas can make Greedo shoot first, they can alter the entire trilogy): Continue reading The Star Wars Prequels…and how to fix them…