Seething Hatred – ReBoot: The Guardian Code

I loved ReBoot, the original series, I fell in love with its characters and followed them on their adventures as they tackled virus and games. As worried as I was about the live action elements of ReBoot: The Guardian Code, I decided to give it a fair shot. Having watched it, I can only say…I absolutely detest it. Continue reading Seething Hatred – ReBoot: The Guardian Code

Achievement Devaluation – What happened?

I want to discuss something—well, rant would be the most appropriate term, but let’s go with discuss—that has been on my mind as a gamer for a while now: achievements and their apparent devolution in the past decade.

Achievements have always been around, we just only recently given them names, points and kept track of them. From defeating the super bosses in Final Fantasy to obtaining the Street Fighter moves in Mega Man X, there have always been extra challenges in video games for us to discover and pursue. These are achievements as much as those we see listed on our Steam Pages.

But at some point, the nature of the achievement begun to change, their value diminished. The above examples of older achievements all had a bit of “gamer cred” attached to them, with harder such accomplishments having different values. Continue reading Achievement Devaluation – What happened?

Pilot Season – Week 1 – Ori and the Blind Forest

On Friday I mentioned my intent to return to the wonderful world of Let’s Play series on YouTube, but that to make things interesting and leave it to the audience to decide which series they’d like to go with, I would imitate Amazon on its Pilot Season, where they show the first episode of potential TV series, picking the most popular to go forward at the end of the preliminary season. Continue reading Pilot Season – Week 1 – Ori and the Blind Forest

Final Fantasy XV – Frustratingly Great

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV since last week and I’m getting closer to the end of the game, especially after the day-long play time I had during the weekend. Continue reading Final Fantasy XV – Frustratingly Great

Use of non-derogatory words in derogatory ways

Language is the most powerful tool at our disposal and I can prove that in just a few sentences. If I were to tell you that you were a “beautiful, wonderful person”, you’d feel good about yourself for it. For the record you are indeed a beautiful, wonderful person and don’t let others tell you otherwise. Continue reading Use of non-derogatory words in derogatory ways