This is How we Role – Episode 9 – Almun Confidential

After last session’s romp down under the city, in the Almun Sewers, this time around our party of adventurers head topside to find the answers to the mystery of the magical ring that petrified one of their earlier clients. The investigation leads somewhere they didn’t expect.

Now, for the behind the scenes, I’ll be honest, I originally had another thing planned for this one, another investigation, longer and focused on the different arenas around town, one of them official as something of a battle magic training ground and a few not so official, for cash and prestige and with links to a global organisation that handles that sort of “sport.” I even had a ton of names for different teams, most of them plays on Wrestling stables. But with the way the previous session ended, with the party licking their wounds after facing a clearly superior opponent–again, I like having a few of those around so players don’t fall into that mindset that everything and everyone in the world is of their level–I wanted to give them a win, a quest where at the end of it, if they succeeded, they could feel like they accomplished something, made a difference. And they did, and I got to introduce a few more mysteries and some characters.

I went a bit light on the description of the torture scenes, this is still a fairly new group for me so I don’t know the limits of what they can or will tolerate, in fact we had the conversation after the game, so during the session, I said enough to make an impact but not enough to be grotesque. I have been grotesque in the past with other groups and there is a line where if you gleefully hop over it, the genre shifts to horror very swiftly. Last time I did that was with Star Wars, where the party found an abandoned ship that…well, that’s a story for another day. Needless to say, the party was disturbed.

Best thing about this session is that the party is slowly developing Entamaphobia, fear of doors, can’t say I blame them!

Without anything else, enjoy episode 9: Almun Confidential. Also, have a happy Christmas and New Year and may your dungeons be devoid of traps and enemies and the vaults full of gold and magical artefacts!

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