I said last month that there would be more of these catching up articles and I keep my promises!

The last few weeks have been very interesting. The last time I wrote one of these I mentioned I finally made it to the UK, right? It’s been a dream of mine for years and it finally happened. Exactly a week after my last catch-up article, I started work with my first client–I’m a freelancer though I think ‘mercenary’ sounds much more badass, so let’s use that one–and at first, I’ll admit, I was ready to be distant, professional to a fault, but I couldn’t. First of all, it’s really not my style, I’m way too open and enjoy joking around way too much, and secondly these guys are awesome. Where normally I’d be annoyed at going to work day in and day out, I’m enjoying my time with them. And it might be my England-fandom speaking, but I don’t mind commuting from my new hometown–a nice seaside village in Essex–to London for work. I really don’t.

I have my new flat and it’s great, it has a killer view of the town and the sea, and I spent the first couple of weeks buying everything I needed for a place. And it must say a lot about me that I only bought a mattress for the ‘bedroom’, but completely fitted out my kitchen. From a knife set and a blender to a microwave and oven pans, I have a fully functional kitchen. Ok, I also splurged on a gaming chair and a desk, but those are absolute necessities, I’m sure you agree!

I'll never get tired of this view!
I’ll never get tired of this view!

The only downside and which you’ll have notice because of the lack of video updates, be it on the LawfulGeek Plays series or the different previews I’ve covered, is that I didn’t have internet. I registered and paid up but it still took over two weeks for them to set it up.

Did you catch the past tense there? Yep, I’m back to the land of internet connectivity! And with that we’re back to having videos! In the past couple of weeks and particularly this week I’ve covered a few games in previews but I’ve lacked the gameplay videos to go with the articles, videos that proved my points about the games better than my words ever could. So below you’ll find them, along with links to their articles, so you can check out the videos, take another read and then tell me if I was right or wrong!

But before I leave you with the videos, I’d like to mention a few other things: The first is that starting Monday we’re back to LawfulGeek Plays, to resume the playthroughs of Tales of Zestiria, Assassin’s Creed II and Darksiders. The second is that later this month I’ll be at the MCM Comic Con, so if you’re there, let’s catch up! while I haven’t been able to do much without internet, I have been reading a few cool articles by other bloggers. If you haven’t read the pieces on World Building and Remaking a Classic on GeekOut South-West, then you need to do so right after you finish with this piece and the videos. Also, the awesome Emma at EmmaKWall (explains it all) did an amazing conversation-style piece on the infamous Christian Bale rant and how it’s actually better than Terminator Salvation. Finally, TheGameIndustry did a fantastic piece on how Dark Souls III’s deep lore isn’t enough, not without a gripping storyline, characterisation or any motivation to care about the world and its characters.

Now I do leave you with the videos and this sad fact: I still haven’t see Deadpool nor have I seen Civil War. Until next time!

Eisenhorn: Xenos

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem aka Umbra




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