Review: Volume

What if you took Robin Hood out of Sherwood and put him into a virtual reality stealth simulation? Too far-fetched? Well no one told Mike Bithell that, so the result is Volume!

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Review: Gunpowder

It may not be Nottingham forest, but someone’s abusing the poor again and it’s time for another foxy thief to steal from the rich and corrupt and give to the poor. But this time, he won’t be using a bow and arrow, no, he’ll be using Gunpowder! Continue reading Review: Gunpowder

Rezzed 2015 – Volume

I have something to confess…I have never played Thomas Was Alone. I just knew what I read about it. Still, when the opportunity to interview Mike Bithell on his new game came along, I didn’t miss the chance. And I believe my lack of knowledge on his earlier work let me focus entirely on the new game, which is pretty damn cool! Continue reading Rezzed 2015 – Volume