The Originals – Series Review

In the Vampire Diaries universe, The Originals are the first Vampires, a family turned to Vampirism by a spell of their own making, and the progenitors of the entire vampire race. Among them, the most notable, for being both recurring and alive, are Klaus, the Vampire/Werewolf hybrid and all around pain in the ass; Elijah, the Original Gentleman, honorable and honest; and Rebekah, the eternal bitch. First introduced during season 2 of The Vampire Diaries as villains, the Originals eventually became series regulars and while still sociopaths, their roles shifted more or less once per episode, switching between helpers and bad guys as the plot required, which, as a natural consequence, means they’re the least developed characters of the bunch, with, perhaps, the exception of Elijah who’s remained constant throughout his appearances. Continue reading The Originals – Series Review