Review – Vampyr

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a small video showing the earliest sections of Vampyr, an action RPG where you play as a newborn Vampire in England during the end days of World War I. I found it entertaining and even spoke of some of the references I found to the White Wolf tabletop RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade.

I’ve now finished Vampyr, after spending a few sleepless nights doing everything I could in the game. I missed things, screwed others up but I managed to nab the good ending, which I’m proud of for a first playthrough. But, is it any good? Yeah, but let’s get to the important details! Continue reading Review – Vampyr

Gaming Medicine – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

I’ve mentioned my appreciation for Kamen Rider in the past, and I’m now enjoying the latest series, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. But while in the past I’ve gone in depth into Tokusatsu series and Kamen Rider and even though Ex-Aid is as good as those that came before, today I’m not going to focus on the series, plot or characters, but instead on the amazingly positive message it has for gamers and gaming. Continue reading Gaming Medicine – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid