Ultimate BeastMaster – Gaming Edition – Week 5 Challengers!

On Monday we had the fourth week of gaming contestants making their way through the perilous and demanding course that is The Beast, using all their skills to accrue as many points as they could. Twelve competitors became eight, then five and then the remaining and best two, Vegeta and Sam Fisher, met face to face for Level 4, with Sam’s duct-traipsing experience giving him the win, even in the face of the overwhelming Saiyan power of his competitor.

Proving experience matters more than raw power!

But as this week closes and another looms, new challengers emerge from the shadows of the gaming industry and the internet, ready to face the Beast and join Mega Man X, Lara Croft, Sam Fisher and Spyro in the grand final for the title of Ultimate Beastmaster!

  • Bigby Wolf
    • Game Series: The Wolf Among Us (aka Telltale’s adaptation of Vertigo’s Fables)
    • Sponsor: Nathan from Hurricane Thought Process
  • Diddy Kong
  • Batman
    • Game Series: Batman Arkham
    • Sponsor: Chris from OverThinkerY
  • Rayman
  • Lu Xun
    • Game Series: Dynasty Warrior
    • Sponsor: Chris from OverThinkerY
  • Dante
    • Game Series: Devil May Cry
    • Sponsor: The Lawful Geek (Me!)
  • Nero
    • Game Series: Devil May Cry
    • Sponsor: The Lawful Geek (Me!)
  • Agent
  • Samus Aran
  • Alucard
    • Game Series: Castlevania
    • Sponsor: Drakulus
  • Revan
    • Game Series: Star Wars
    • Sponsor: Drakulus
  • Master Chief

For next week I decided to bring in the Devil May Cry protagonist duo of Dante and Nero. Mind you, this is Classic Dante, dMc Dante may still make an appearance at a later date, much like reboot Lara showed her skill to LAU Trilogy Lara. Drakulus, now a series regular it seems, brings a trio of gaming badasses, hoping to finally have one of his picks conquer the Beastmaster title and move to the finale. Luna’s not that far behind and she’s recruited the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy, Samus Aran. Still fresh from his candidate’s win from this week, Chris is investing heavily on platforming stars and the Dark Knight. I do wonder though, without his suit and his tools, will Gaming’s Batman have what it takes to challenge the beast? After all, he’s a separate entity from his comics counterpart, who we can all agree would crush the course. And we’ll have to see how well the Master Chief and Samus will do once we break them out of the powered armours!

Place your bets everyone, let’s see how well these competitors due, next week on The Ultimate Beastmaster – Gaming Edition!

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  1. Alucard has to take this one. He doesn’t need a suit to be a badass :). Same thing with Revan. I chose Master Chief because I couldn’t think of anyone else at the time to be honest, but I’m rooting for him too! Lets go team Drakulus!

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