Inside the gaming world – How do characters feel about the inner workings of videogames?

Have you ever thought at what happens inside a game for the characters? I mean, when we pause a game, what do they do, stay frozen in place or do they take 5 and grab a drink, maybe stretch, talk among each other while they way for us to resume? This is a question an acquaintance posed, but I’ll be honest, I couldn’t see too many variations on the pause theme.

I mean, the best one would be with the Mario characters. Shigeru Miyamoto once stated that he felt the characters were members of a theatre troupe, so for me the pause would just be the director calling out for a 5-minute break, maybe clear the set, reset for the next scene, remove unnecessary debris so nothing gets in the way of the audience.

But what about the rest of a game’s elements, those little intrinsic mechanics that we expect in every title. How do characters feel about Lives, Game Over, Reloading, Continues, character generators and the dreaded New Game Plus? Those are bigger questions for me. Continue reading Inside the gaming world – How do characters feel about the inner workings of videogames?

XCOM 2 – Ranking the Chosen!

I love XCOM 2. I played it on release and gave it one hell of a score. Now Firaxis and 2K have released an expansion that’s making me love the game even more.

It’s not very common for me to return to a game for an expansion, especially not when the expansion releases so long after the main game. But XCOM 2: War of the Chosen has so much content in it and the concept of the chosen was so interesting that I couldn’t resist coming back for more. Continue reading XCOM 2 – Ranking the Chosen!

Review: XCOM 2

We thought we’d beaten them, but they held back. Then they came, they conquered and we hid. But now we have a second shot. Let’s show them what the XCOM Project is all about!

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