The Nintendo Matter – E3 2014

E3 has come around again and with it, a slew of titles and systems and announcements and the hype trains have been going full speed in plenty of directions. The biggest surprise for me was how much hype came from Nintendo’s announcements. With two days down and one to go, Nintendo hasn’t only announced games and projects in its current franchises but also managed to shut up those that criticise it for not delivering new ideas. Continue reading The Nintendo Matter – E3 2014

The Nintendo Affair – Unwarranted Hatred?

Nintendo, the Big N, the company gamers love, hate and love to hate. A company that’s been responsible for so many innovations yet people still clamor for them to shut their doors and do something else, follow in the footsteps of other “fallen giants” and leave the market for the superpowers that are Sony & Microsoft. Why do they get so much hate? Why are they the butt of every joke? It seems most gamers, the newer generations especially, have forgotten Nintendo’s role in our history, their mark on the industry. Continue reading The Nintendo Affair – Unwarranted Hatred?