The Wonderful World of Xenoblade Chronicles X

Warning, spoilers ahead

As I mentioned last week in my Uncharted article, I’ve recently been playing Xenoblade Chronicles X on my Wii U. I’m a huge fan of the first Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii and I have been waiting so much time to get my hands on this title. It’s the reason I bought a Wii U to be perfectly honest. I’ve wanted a Wii U for ages but hadn’t found the urge to buy it, but with Xenoblade Chronicles X on the horizon and with money, I decided it was time to do it.

The first Xenoblade had a fascinating universe, an engrossing story and characters and marvelous world filled with strange and wonderful beings. So when I started playing Xenoblade Chronicles X, I wondered if it would be just as good or if it would disappoint in any way. While I do have my issues with the game, which I’ll mention when I write the review for it—when I eventually finish the game, currently at chapter 10—it hasn’t disappointed with its amazing world and universe. Continue reading The Wonderful World of Xenoblade Chronicles X

Star Wars Legends – Remembering the Expanded Universe – Worlds and Locations

The Star Wars Expanded Universe not only had new stories, new characters and new concepts. It didn’t just kill off major characters, set others on the warpath, down the super fun slide of evil into the Dark Side or blow up countless worlds with the Suncrusher. It also gave us new and wondrous worlds, mysterious locations with deep histories that not only affected the characters in their stories but also influenced events in the distant future, sometimes even explaining possible plot holes in the films and even works by other authors.

Today, as part of this look into the wealth of information and lore in the Star Wars Expanded Universe that just isn’t official anymore, I’m going to take you to new worlds you might never have heard of. Some you might but not in the right context, nor would you know more than their name. Finally, there’s a weird one, but we’ll get to Zonama Sekot later. Continue reading Star Wars Legends – Remembering the Expanded Universe – Worlds and Locations