Gunpla: Master Grade MS-14S Gelgoog Build

Last year, during one of my first Gunpla streams—which starting this week will be every Friday from 20h London Time—some cool guys joined the chat and invited me into this great group, the Gunpla Builders Association. Since then, I’ve chatted with members of the group, shared my work with them and seen how easily their skill outclasses mine.

The GBA has a few monthly multi-streams, where a group of Gunpla builders take to Twitch together to build models under a specific theme, using a multi-stream site to share everyone’s build with the audience at the same time. Continue reading Gunpla: Master Grade MS-14S Gelgoog Build

Overwatch and back to Twitch!

So, yesterday I went back to broadcasting on the LawfulGeek channel on Twitch. After more than a month waiting to have the proper setup, it was a gratifying experience. I had a lot of fun with my loyal audience of one…until he left for the night. Then I just kept myself company, but no matter, I’m used to it.

And besides, my interest was in the game I was playing and which I will be playing on stream for the foreseeable future: Overwatch. You may have seen me share a few videos on different matches and highlights and below you’ll find all of them in a nice playlist. So you can consider this a little hands-on first impression article. Continue reading Overwatch and back to Twitch!

Two days of Fun – Gameblast 16 Highlights!

From Friday last week to Sunday, I joined an awesome group of people in a 48-hour gaming marathon to raise money for an even more amazing organisation. SpecialEffect is a charity that creates custom controllers and solutions for people with disabilities—gamers just like all of us—so that they can enjoy the videogames that we take for granted. They bring happiness to everyone they help, something that is apparent in the pure and radiating smiles you see in their videos.

It was a long weekend, and while there were some hiccups—nothing is ever perfect—there were some amazing moments, some quite hilarious as well! Here are my highlights of the Gamely Giving Gameblast 2016 marathon! Continue reading Two days of Fun – Gameblast 16 Highlights!

Gameblasting for SpecialEffect – Gamely Giving Kick-Off!

We’ve prepared for it, planned, collected prizes, set schedules and warmed our broadcasting muscles. We’ve show awesome games, long games, short games and done a bit of everything. Our big boss has been hard at work behind the scenes, whipping us into shape (with an actual whip!) and making sure we have all our responsibilities down with practiced efficiency, while also coordinating everything, so we owe her a lot!

There are plans, spreadsheets and more, but it’s all for this day:

Gameblast 2016 starts TODAY! We’re raising money SpecialEffect, an amazing charity that creates custom hardware and software to help those with disabilities to enjoy the games many of us take for granted. It’s inspiring and humbling to see them at work, and their success stories will melt even the coldest heart. Continue reading Gameblasting for SpecialEffect – Gamely Giving Kick-Off!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 is Live!

I’m massive fan of Speedrunners, not the game, but the people. I love to watch videos of gamers taking videogames I’ve struggled to complete over the course of my “gamer career” and just blast through them in record times. From the insanely difficult NES Ninja Gaiden games in half an hour to world records in the Mega Man series, I’ve seen Speedrunners do things with games that not even the creators thought possible. Some find glitches and bugs that need precise inputs in a particular segment of the screen to trigger, things that no level of quality assurance could pick up. Some on the other hand eschew glitches and other tricks and just play the game straight, mastering every part of the mechanics until they can do them in their sleep—some of them might. Continue reading Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 is Live!

Counting down to Extra Life 2015

Only a few more days till we kick off the big event!

I first want to thank all the people who’ve donated so far, thanks to you we’re $106/500 for my participation and $1000 for Team Tomb Raider‘s efforts overall. That is amazing! And there’s still time for more. We hope to reach over $3000 between all participants, but if we can hit my $500 goal, I’ll be more than happy!

I have some news, some changes to the original plan. Continue reading Counting down to Extra Life 2015

The LawfulGeek Update!

If you follow my nightly broadcasts, you might have noticed a few things. The first it’s that it’s no longer called the Nightcast. Now it’s LawfulGeek. That’s the name I’ve decided on for Twitch streams. For now, I’m still streaming to the KKutlesa account, because I need the current viewer-base for the Extra Life stream coming in a couple of months. But soon after I will be moving permanently to that channel, because Twitch doesn’t allow name changes (they claim it’s because of their databases, but as someone who works with them for a living, I can tell you that is nonsense!). Continue reading The LawfulGeek Update!

Classic Play – Tomb Raider: Underworld – Complete

Two weeks ago I decided I would play through all the Classic Lara Croft games, starting from the last one Underworld–which I’ve been recently told isn’t considered a Classic TR, nor are any of the other two LAU Trilogy titles–and I posted the first of my playthrough videos. I hoped you enjoyed watching me die repeatedly.

For your further enjoyment, below you’ll find the complete playthrough. I finished the game and even played it again to record the first segment–it’s why I don’t suck as much on the first couple of locations. I’d already gone through there. But I still die a few times so don’t you worry.

Also, to the THREE evil, evil, heartless people who vote on the poll…I will have my revenge on you someday! But in the meantime I will play through the appalling Tomb Raider Chronicles and the atrocious Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness.

But I still have time before I need to play those. Next week I’ll be going through Anniversary and then Legend. It’ll be awesome to compare Anniversary and the original Tomb Raider when I finally get there! I might even stream some of the gameplay soon, so keep an eye out and make sure to follow my twitch channel!

Moebius: Empire Rising – Full Score Attempt #1

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Jane Jensen’s new game, Moebius, and if you read the review you can tell I fucking loved it. So, I decided to play through the game again on a Full-score run, trying to get the last 20 points I missed on my first playthrough. I streamed it all on Twitch and I think ONE person saw it; at least that was the number of concurrent viewers according to good old Twitchy.

Below you’ll find my playthroughs of Chapters 1 to 4. For some strange reason my stream of chapters 5 and 6 didn’t save properly on Twtich; and I didn’t stream 7 when it became painfully apparent that while I did make progress, I was still about 10 or 15 points short.

If you know what I missed in episodes 1 to 4 please be kind and tell me!

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


I’m currently playing and replaying the game, trying to find what I missed. When I get max score, I’ll stream a speedrun of it all. If you want to know what a speedrun is for an adventure game, it’s simple: I’m going to skip everything skippable, from conversations to cutscenes!

Keep an eye on my Twitter or follow me on Twitch to get notifications when I next stream

Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut – First Boss Stream

So, I just did a quick stream on twitch on the reworked 1st boss fight. Check it out here

This time around you can see me perfectly, I even shaved for the occasion.

I still see the video a bit twitchy, with a bit of lag every now and then, skipping ahead a second or two. Maybe it’s just me but if you see it like that too, please tell me and if you have any idea on how I can fix it, please let me know!

Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, mark the 16th, I’m doing a Dead Space Scarethrough to coincide with‘s Dead Space Scare-Up! It’ll be fun!