Review: The Gardens Between

The Garden Between is an adventure game where you play as two friends traversing through strange landscapes created from the fragments of their joint past. The important events in their relationship become worlds to explore, worlds where the characters control the flow of time and can cause things to happen in different ways to open new paths. Continue reading Review: The Gardens Between

Review: Deponia Doomsday

You thought Deponia had ended, right? You said Goodbye to it, me too. But no, there a new entry in the series and its name is quite fitting: Deponia Doomsday.
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Review: The Perils of Man

Ana’s father, a brilliant scientist, vanished years ago. She’s lived without him for years but on her 16th birthday, a mysterious gift left behind for her puts her on the trail of her family’s mysterious past and a strange book called The Perils of Man.

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Review: The Branches of Time

What would you do if the people you knew never existed in the first place? That is the question The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi poses you. After reading this novel, my question would be another instead.

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