Tiger & Bunny Movie I – The Beginning Review

Tiger & Bunny is a 2011 anime about superheroes. It’s flashy, it’s over the top and it’s just fantastic. The series isn’t just about heroes defending justice but also about selling out, with each hero having their sponsors’ logos stamped on their uniforms, and not fictional companies but real ones like Amazon.jp or Pepsi and Bandai. The heroes themselves are also a part of a TV Show airing every time there’s a major crisis or crime happening, with the camera crew following their exploits and awarding points in a reality-show-esque competition for the title of King of Heroes.

It’s product and brand placement in its most shameless and unapologetic form and the show revels in it, mocks it and even lampshades it. You see the heroes complaining to their sponsors about their catchphrases being too silly or even commenting to the show’s producers that saving lives should take precedence over dramatic tension and ratings. Continue reading Tiger & Bunny Movie I – The Beginning Review