Slasher Showdown – Scream TV vs Slasher

Couple of weeks ago I spoke of the TV reimagining of Wes Craven’s horror film series, Scream. Since then, I’ve binged on another similar show on Netflix, a Canadian production simply known as Slasher. But between the Executioner and Ghostface, who’s butchery reigns supreme? Continue reading Slasher Showdown – Scream TV vs Slasher

Netflix Recommendations – Scream TV

Last week while browsing through Netflix, I was in a slasher film kind of mood, specifically wanted to watch the Scream films once more. In their place, I found something even better, the Scream TV series, which I loved the first time on MTV and thoroughly enjoyed on a rewatch, finding new and interesting bits hidden in plain sight!  Continue reading Netflix Recommendations – Scream TV

Review: Sara is Missing

What would you do if you found a phone and the last image of its owner showed they were in danger. Would you drop the phone or would you jump down the rabbit hole in pursuit? That is the question posed by Sara is Missing.

Genre(s): Adventure | Horror

Developer: Monsoon Lab

Publisher: Monsoon Lab

Release Date: Nov 2016

Played: Full game, 1 ending (so far).

Platforms: Mobile

Purchase At: Google Play, Apple App Store

Source: Got it from the App Store


  • Creepy as hell.

  • Great concept.


  • Finding clues can be frustrating.


Last year I had the pleasure of playing the unique adventure game Her Story, in which you search through a Police database for interviews about a missing person investigation. It’s a phenomenal and innovative game, one where you must pay attention every word spoken as it may have a crucial clue in the investigation, which in turn leads you to another interview and closer to the truth…or to confusion.

It’s not a typical adventure by any means and I thought it would be the only game of its style that I would play in a long time. So, imagine my surprise when I find Sara is Missing, a game where you find a missing person’s mobile phone and must piece together what happened to the titular Sara, the phone’s owner.

Sara is Missing - Iris
I wish I could give it to her!

But you’re not on your own. You have the game’s version of Siri, Iris, an AI advanced enough to want to find its owner, and with the ability to restore corrupt parts of the phone’s memory and operating system.

As you read through Sara’s private messages, emails and read her notes, if something catches your eye, you can tap and hold on the screen and tell Iris that you’ve found something potentially interesting. Of course, not every term is relevant and often you’ll just hear a buzz, forcing you to try again, and again, and again. It can sometimes get a bit frustrating.

Sara is Missing
Do not enter the Red Room. Do not share the link…you’re inviting disaster…

It can take a while to get to that next crucial clue, but soon enough you’ll be diving into the real mystery, almost drawn from the creepiest of creepy pasta you can imagine. What you discover, what you see happening and even the phone’s behaviour become freaky and disturbing. The phone will ring, you will receive calls where you just hear groans on the other side and even more strange happenings.

I’ve already cleared it once, with a less than stellar result. I’m now trying my second playthrough, hoping to not only get a different ending but perhaps dig deeper into the mysteries, as I ended with very few answers. There were some crucial answers tied to specific choices that I didn’t make, and in fact, my lack of choice led to the most disturbing and frankly awesome moment.

Have I mentioned one of Sara’s emails has perhaps one of the most awesome analyses of Ghost in the Shell and the implications of cyborg bodies in human development, both on a biological and societal level? It’s riveting stuff.


If you’re into creepy stories and investigative games, you should play Sara is Missing. You can find it on the app store or on the developer’s sites with a price tag of “whatever you want.” Some parts of the game will genuinely screw with your head. It’s on the short side for an adventure, but it’s still impressive.


4/5 – Exceptional!

Detectives & Dames – Writing the Hardboiled Genre

During my holidays between Christmas and the end of 2016, I decided to jump into one of my story projects and get it going. I had my second novel to finish editing (second draft at around 40%), but decided to instead push on one of the story premises I’d posted some time ago, the Sci-Fi noir “The Song.”

As I sat at home, thinking what I should write, which story to pursue, this one kept coming back to me, with new details, new side-stories that branch off from the main one as the character listens to more of the same hypnotic melodies.

The Song is different to the other premises in that I had already written a few pages of it before I proposed it as another one-shot, and going back to it and advancing I remembered just how difficult it is to write Hardboiled stories, a genre I often and wrongfully call the same name as its film counterpart, “Noir.” Continue reading Detectives & Dames – Writing the Hardboiled Genre

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Storytelling needs Augments!

When Square Enix first announced Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, I was so excited I went back to play Human Revolution, in one of my first few Let’s Plays on The Mental Attic’s YouTube channel, deciding to play it with a nice guy Adam Jensen and being as stealthy and non-lethal as possible.

Then Deus Ex: Mankind Divided released to divisive reviews, but I couldn’t play it yet. I mean, I bought it but with the gaming laptop unable to play the game properly it at times felt like stop motion animation, so I couldn’t enjoy it fully.

But now, with the new computer here and having completed Mankind Divided I am conflicted about it. Continue reading Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Storytelling needs Augments!

Review: The Last Door Season 2 Collector’s Edition

Jeremiah Devitt crossed the threshold to the Other Side. Now Dr. Wakefield runs follows his footsteps, intent on finding his former patient and discover the secrets of The Last Door.
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Review: Crystal Conquest

The Kardish were vanquished, but Criss knew they’d come back for him to make him pay for what he did! You know what, he was right!
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Review: Crystal Deception

An alien conspiracy, a kidnapping threat, a space fleet Captain, her spy ex-boyfriend, a Crystal scientist and the most powerful AI ever created are just some of the things you’ll find in Crystal Deception. Continue reading Review: Crystal Deception