Learning & Laughing – The Rich Hall Documentaries

A couple of weeks ago while at the office, a colleague and I were discussing the latest events happening in the USA since the presidential election, commenting on anything from the electoral system to the international implications. Along the way, they mentioned something about a documentary called “The Presidential Grudge Match.”

As someone with boundless curiosity for most things, I decided to give documentary a watch and found it fascinating. I’m not usually into politics but this documentary, hosted by comedian Rich Hall, delved into the nature of the American electoral system as well as its history, all with a fantastic dose of humour, sarcasm and cynicism.

Rich Hall
Fascinating stuff

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The Wonderful Irish Comedy

In honor of the Begorrathon, hosted by 746 Books, Raging Fluff and brought to my attention by the awesome V from the Verbal Spew Review, I decided to write about my favourite Irish Comedians. There isn’t much I can write about Ireland’s culture, other than geekdom and my love for everything TV, Film, Games and Books. I only came up with 2 articles: Comedy and gushing about Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

This one’s the first article and I’ll tell you about my two favourite Irish comedians and the ones I saw on Friday during a wonderful show at the Laughter Lounge in Dublin.

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