Writing Challenge 2 – Spy Story

In late 2015, I announced a writing competition here on The Mental Attic. The challenge was to write a story based on a song. I first set the song, but later revised the rules and opened up the competition to whatever the writers desired. They could write in any genre and setting, including established works aka fan fiction material. The prize for the winner would have been 5 novels of their choice.

I say, “Would have been” because we received no submissions, not a single one. I promised that at the end of the competition I would publish my own song-story and I will, it just needs to wait a bit on me finishing up some other work. It’s a fun story, just need to put it down on virtual paper.

But that’s not the only reason I’m here today talking to you all. While we didn’t receive a single contribution for the Song Story competition, it doesn’t mean there won’t be others. In fact, the next one starts right NOW! Continue reading Writing Challenge 2 – Spy Story

Oldies but Goodies – Chuck

As I mentioned last time I wrote one of these pieces, I’ve been going through old series on Netflix, series I once saw and forgot or just wished to see again. Last time I spoke of Eureka and Warehouse13, two of the best series I have ever seen, in different genres and for different reasons. If you haven’t yet seen it, I readily recommend you do it. Eureka in particular is a work of art.

But as my time with Eureka drew to a close, I had to find another series to watch and my eye fell on another of my all-time favourites, this one a mix of science fiction and the Spy genre. You probably know which one I’m talking about but I’ll say the name: Chuck. Continue reading Oldies but Goodies – Chuck

Review: Clandestine

The world’s intelligence community’s secrets are in danger, with countless cover agents’ identities exposed. Someone has to find those responsible, in the cover of night with Clandestine operations.

Continue reading Review: Clandestine