Igniters – Planning Stage

Last week I spoke of Igniters and how I had to scrap this series of Star Wars novels for legal reasons, or maybe just to avoid having any legal reasons to begin with.

Since then I’ve been thinking about the best way to handle it, what the setting should be, and how to turn what was once Star Wars into a new idea, something that suits me. Continue reading Igniters – Planning Stage

Star Wars: Igniters – Time for a Revamp

I think if you check this site for five minutes, you’ll probably come across a couple dozen articles that at least mention Star Wars. It’s a big deal for me, one of my favourite franchises and one where I’ve lost hours on, both reading or in other ways consuming stories or making up my own, be it for RPGs or just simple daydream.  Continue reading Star Wars: Igniters – Time for a Revamp

First Look: Killjoys

Set in a future where megacorporations rule not land but entire planets, Killjoys follows a trio of agents of the R.A.C. and organisation without ties to anyone, allowing them to take on warrants and jobs from anyone in The Quad. To Killjoys “The Warrant is All,” except when it isn’t and things get complicated! Continue reading First Look: Killjoys