Review – Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3

It’s a fair assessment that I like the Ultimate Beastmaster. I liked it so much I made an entire theoretical exercise on video game characters running the courses and even crowned a video game Ultimate Beastmaster. It took weeks but it was a lot of fun.

So, imagine my delight when last week I saw the third season was finally up on Netflix with CM Punk and Stuart Bennett (aka Wade Barrett) as commentators for the USA and British teams respectively. Better yet, the entire format of the competition had changed, improving what I thought were the flaws of “the game” as I did the video game character version. Continue reading Review – Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3

Overwatch – Season 3 Placement Matches Done!

After 10 matches, ten mostly terrible matches, I made it through the placement stage for the latest season of Overwatch Competitive, with a 3 win, 7 loss record and a 2000-ish rank.

As it tends to happen with Overwatch competitive, you sometimes have amazing matches, where even if you lose, it’s an intense fight from start to finish. And sometimes, you have a team filled with abuse-spewing nincompoops who focus on themselves and not the overall team effort yet find ways of making everything other people’s fault. I know I screw up, a lot, and I can accept that and move on, learning from my mistakes, but I’m continually shocked at how people refuse to accept their parts in a loss, opting for just vitriol to hide the fact.  Continue reading Overwatch – Season 3 Placement Matches Done!