Writing Guide – Naming

When I create a new world for an RPG campaign or fiction, I always spend most of my time with names, be it for characters, place or historical events. For me, it’s central to the process of world building, and depending on the rules of my world and its civilisations, it can help ground my fantasy enough for readers to find their way and grasp the basic concepts.

There isn’t really a big secret with naming, but I’m very particular about it. Continue reading Writing Guide – Naming

Godly Affairs – Part I – Scion Pimer

Scion is a pen & paper Role-playing Game I’ve mentioned a few times in the past. I truly love it, as it mixes Urban Fantasy, my genre of choice, and mythologies, which I’m sure by now you’re sick of hearing me go on about.

Onyx Path Publishing is currently developing a second edition to this fantastic White Wolf game, and I am excited to see what they come up with—and how they balance the game. In my review of the system and when I spoke of it some days ago, I mentioned how unbalanced it was and how much house-ruling storytellers had to do not to make the game easier, but just to make it work. Continue reading Godly Affairs – Part I – Scion Pimer

Dice and Settings – My Favourite RPG Systems

Yesterday I mentioned I’m on a recruitment drive for RPG games. Since writing the article, I haven’t stopped thinking about the many games I’ve played, the characters I’ve created and the great times I’ve had with my friends.

So today, I’d like to talk to you about some of my favourite RPG systems/games. Continue reading Dice and Settings – My Favourite RPG Systems

Grounded Fantasy – Why I’m Tired of the Genre

I love fantasy, I really do but I’m tired of it, tired of how it plays out in novels, books and TV series. I’m tired of the tropes and styles, the clichés and approaches, the worlds and the people. I have read good and bad fantasy, played atrocious games in the genre as well as amazing ones. I’ve written terrible stories and some good ones. More than any other genre, I feel fantasy has reached a stagnation point. Continue reading Grounded Fantasy – Why I’m Tired of the Genre