Bad Blood – Chapter XII – Super Friends

Doesn’t take a genius to see the ritual’s draining the life force from these upstanding super-scientists. But where is it going? Margot thought to herself as she carefully approached the ritual circle. She was surprised no one had noticed it. She turned around as saw people heading straight towards it and turn away at the last moment, their eyes glazed and unfocused. Repelling charm, has to be Sylvia.

Margot carefully regarded the two Fixers. Warren, like all Grauzuls had shiny, almost polished, dark brown skin. She knew the Fixer could take a bullet and not even shrug. Adding his superhuman strength, the cockroach-man was a one-man army. His wife had speed and countless gnawing mouths and piercing eyes over her body. Knightmares see through everything and eat everything. Virtually unstoppable. Continue reading Bad Blood – Chapter XII – Super Friends

Bad Blood – Chapter XI – The Man with the Golden Eyes

Margot tensed at the sound of Roberto’s voice and the double-barreled shotgun cocking. She felt it on the back of her head, but felt no bloodlust coming from the hunter. He was detached, dispassionate. Just doing what needs to be done, is it? She thought to herself, but didn’t dare say it aloud.

Margot didn’t waste time grimacing. She knew if he fired, it would all be over quickly, so she just looked ahead, calming herself, lamenting everything she would leave behind unfinished. It wasn’t the case she cared about, though it nagged at her, but the bonds she had yet to mend, the vengeance she had still to savour. “Not going to beg? They usually beg at this point.” Roberto’s voice brought her back to the present.

“What’s the point?” She said without glancing back. “If you’re gonna do it, just do it.” She said, fighting to hide the shivers and shakes of fear from her voice. I’ve never let fear command me, not in public anyway, not about to start now. Continue reading Bad Blood – Chapter XI – The Man with the Golden Eyes

Bad Blood – Chapter X – The Bad Blood

Margot sat in the back of another Leftover jeep, leaning on the door, her eyes closed but still alert. Just resting my eyes…head hurts still. What was that in my mind? Weston needs to answer for this.

“You okay back there?” Albert shouted over the grinding of the old engine and the bumpy road.

“Yeah!” Margot shouted back. Don’t make me kill you Violet…don’t stand in my way. Continue reading Bad Blood – Chapter X – The Bad Blood

Attic Cleanup! 24-11-2013

This has been an interesting week to be honest. Work is still as annoying as ever but the week has had some major events, and I’ve had a lot of fun. Continue reading Attic Cleanup! 24-11-2013

Small request!

Hello wonderful readers!

Just popping in to ask you something, it won’t take more than a few seconds to do it each time, but could you rate the posts you read? It’s mostly eye-candy and an ego-boost for me, but I’d appreciate a LOT! Do it this week only if it’s too much trouble, if only because this Sunday’s my birthday 🙂

IF you can share on twitter &/or Facebook, it’s optional, but welcome too!

Considering this is my birthday week, I’m no promising any new posts, but there’s a chance of any of these:

– Pathfinder RPG Review: Game I’m currently running, it’s pretty cool for those of you who love 3.5 edition over 4th D&D.

– Star Wars Saga Edition Review: Old, yes, even more with FFG’s new game, but I’ll post it because I think it deserves its fair shake.

– Night of the Rabbit (PC) review: A Daedalus Entertainment (Deponia) Point & Click Adventure Game I’m currently playing.

– Cognition (PC) review: An episodic Point & Click Adventure Game.

– Geeking Shadows, a new Unnatural Investigations Inc. story, set during Comic-Con 2013.

– Clarity, Roberto Peralta’s big comeback story, starting from the cruel (to readers) cliffhanger I left it at.

Also I’ll take the opportunity to mention a new plan I have. In the following weeks/months, I’ll be working on the details, including legal stuff (just in case) for a new Web Novel for The Mental Attic, set in the almost orgasmic (for me) Star Wars universe. The series (it won’t be just one novel) is tentatively called Igniters, and I can’t say anymore!

Oh and of course, I welcome you to like the Blog on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @Kkutlesa . Most of the time I tweet or write on Facebook what I’m working on, and if you like/want you can make requests, I know a few who are waiting for Lillian Carpenter to come back.

Speaking of which, I should line out my plans for Urban Arcana:

– Roberto’s stories have priority for now, until I close down Act I aka Curses to Bear

– I’ll still post some Recruitment Drive stories for Unnatural Investigations Inc. in between.

– After that I’ll cycle between Tiger, Lillian & The Illusionist until I’m satisfied they’ve been cared for enough

And then…

THE HARROWING, a multi-part crossover between ALL MY CHARACTERS, and featuring side-stories from NPCs’ (Non-Protagonist Character. It works even outside Videogames!) point of view

That’s it for now, it’s getting late.

Kevin Kutlesa