Pilot Season – Week 3 – Dead Cells

This is week three of the pilot season, where I show the first episode of a few Let’s Play series, you vote which one you like the most and I keep playing that game to the end. The second most voted for comes afterwards and the rest fade into oblivion.

So far we’ve had Ori and the Blind Forest and Hollow Knight, two wonderful Metroidvania games, the genre I’ve been obsessed with for the past few months. Now it’s time for a rogue-like on Early Access on steam, Dead Cells.  Continue reading Pilot Season – Week 3 – Dead Cells

Pilot Season – Week 2 – Hollow Knight

It’s week 2 of the Pilot Season, where I show the first episode of potential new Let’s Play series and you help me decide which one will go past the first episode into a full series on The Mental Attic’s YouTube Channel. Last week it was Ori and the Blind Forest, a lovely little metroidvania, so this week let’s finish getting the platformers out of the way, with the first episode for the game I’ve written and spoken about the most in the past few weeks, the Metroidvania Souls-like H0llow Knight. Hope you enjoy this fun little episode, where I use some pogo skills to get early access to a lovely little item that makes me more powerful when I’m close to biting the dust!

Next week it’s the Rogue-like Dead Cells, where I’ll try to put on a good show before I inevitably get my butt kicked in horrible ways! See you then and don’t forget to vote!

Let’s Play – Pilot Season!

No, there isn’t a game called Pilot Season, at least I don’t think there is. But you know how Amazon has that yearly Pilot Season, where they stream TV pilots so people pick the ones that will become full fledged series? I’ve decided to do the same thing with Let’s Plays.  Continue reading Let’s Play – Pilot Season!

Final Fantasy IV – The Road so far…

Final Fantasy IV has been on a bit of a hiatus the past couple of weeks and I’m sorry. There’s nothing I enjoy more than playing this classic Final Fantasy—albeit the remade version—and make fun of it with some very silly commentary, some nice edits and a few choice cuts of the footage to keep you entertained and as far away as possible from any grinding, which I’ve had to do twice so far, mostly because this game insists on giving you characters at astonishingly low levels compared to the party average. Continue reading Final Fantasy IV – The Road so far…

Gunpla – Star Winning Gundam Build

Early this week I got a package from Japan, my Christmas present to myself, 5 new Gunpla models: Continue reading Gunpla – Star Winning Gundam Build

Videos, Broadcasts and Lawfulness – Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

This has been a very long YouTube and Twitch hiatus. I’ve managed to push a few things into YouTube in the past few weeks, but nothing serial or even remotely consistent.

As I mentioned in the past, I have technical difficulties from my Asus ROG Laptop finally reaching its graphical and processing limit, making it not only very hard to play current games but also to record any videos. Even titles that normally run quite well, if on medium settings, will become incredibly sluggish should I dare to open XSplit or some other recording/broadcasting software.

But that’s about to change as I’m getting an Alienware today. It’s massive, it’s powerful and I’ll probably will have to feed it the souls of the corrupt and vile to power it. It’s most certainly going to send my electricity bill to the stratospheric levels, but who cares? It’s well worth it! Continue reading Videos, Broadcasts and Lawfulness – Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming