Review: The Living Dungeon

There’s an old god trapped in a labyrinth, controlling its denizens and sending them after adventurers. Now it has fresh meat, new fools to make their way into The Living Dungeon.

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Geekout Brewing!

Why I love Home Brewing

I’m a fan of a good pint of ale; so much so, I joined the British group CAMRA (The CAMpain for Real Ale). As well as giving me discounts in some pubs (I won’t lie, that was a bit part of the decision to sign up!) they gave me an insight to the process behind beers. Continue reading Geekout Brewing!

Geographical Identity…

This week I saw a YouTube video called “Caracas, Ciudad de Despedidas” (Caracas, City of Farewells), and was fascinated, not by the video, since it was a 17 minute documentary with 12 minutes of pointless transition shots and music; but by the general response. Insults, dislikes, criticism and bile flew out with force and frequency, people wouldn’t let it die…it even started a meme, which I didn’t care for because I hate memes. But wading through the aforementioned bile and vitriol, I started seeing patterns in the replies and opinions, and it made me think about cultural and national identity, patriotism and pride, and the extremes in them… Continue reading Geographical Identity…