The Wolf Among Us

Just played it and finished it, but won’t go into a review just yet, mostly because it’s an episodic game and I don’t like reviewing them until I have the whole experience. In fact I think it’d be rather irresponsible of me doing so. I can’t complain about any plot-point or plot-hole YET, considering that might be a hook for future episodes; nor can I complain about character development when this is just the first episode. It’s like complaining about a movie plot and character development after the first 20 minutes of a movie.

I will say that it’s pretty good, but it doesn’t feel like an adventure game. Like the Walking Dead before it, Telltale’s adaptation feels more like a visual novel than an adventure game.


On other news, I’m playing Night of the Rabbit and will review it as soon as I’m done with it, and after that I’ll go into Cognition, a really cool episodic adventure game.