Dungeon Mastering – Telia Worldbuilding – Almun (first look)

For the Extra Life D&D game, I took my players to a Necropolis called Headmaster’s Rest, home to the remains of many a dead wizard, cleric and other practitioners of magic. During the adventure, the Necropolis came under attack by the forces of the Firstborn, a group of near-immortal elves with delusions of godhood, a cult to back them, and plans to purge the entire planet of anything that isn’t elven (and subservient to them of course), and their Onyx Knights, Paladins devoted to their grim masters. Onyx Knights are infamous on Telia for conducting raids across the world, kidnapping innocents from every race so their masters can study and vivisect them.

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Bad Blood – Chapter IV – Dead and Buried

The Mapmaker had a new lead, just not the one Margot expected. “How did you find this?” She asked, looking up from the crumbling parchment in her hands, meeting his eyes with a dubious glance.

“You asked me to find places of power, so I did…” He leaned on the stall’s counter, and pointed at the parchment. “I started with the usual places, the big bad power-zones, where the big and really bad live and I noticed it.”

“The blackout.”

“Precisely.” He nodded, his brow furrowed. Starting to look like you worry, J.C., Vance thought to herself, making sure it didn’t show on her face. “Those places are bright, Vance, they shine on the maps, all those powerful beings. But now the light’s dimmed, cut off and died out. It’s…”
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