Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Emotional Issues

Miracle of Sound’s gaming inspired songs are some of my favourite things to listen and watch on YouTube. I’ve bought his records in the past and even dished out cash for a single song, that being the Borderlands 2 inspired “Breaking Down the Borders.”

Most of the time I’m just listening to the song, reading the lyrics and not paying much attention to the footage used in the music video, often cuts of official trailers and gameplay videos. But with “The Natural Heart,” the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided song, the footage kept drawing me in, engendering a response in me along with the fantastic lyrics and music. Continue reading Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Emotional Issues

The LawfulGeek Update!

If you follow my nightly broadcasts, you might have noticed a few things. The first it’s that it’s no longer called the Nightcast. Now it’s LawfulGeek. That’s the name I’ve decided on for Twitch streams. For now, I’m still streaming to the KKutlesa account, because I need the current viewer-base for the Extra Life stream coming in a couple of months. But soon after I will be moving permanently to that channel, because Twitch doesn’t allow name changes (they claim it’s because of their databases, but as someone who works with them for a living, I can tell you that is nonsense!). Continue reading The LawfulGeek Update!

Stuff I like

Aside from Gaming and Writing and complaining about my crappy weeks, I have other things I enjoy, and I wanted to show my support to them by talking to you all about them.

Miracle of Sound: One of my obsessions lately. Miracle of Sound is one of the many and varied and highly entertaining stuff the Escapist Magazine has to offer.

Gavin Dunne aka Miracle of Sound composes and performs (mostly) videogame inspired songs, with cool videos using gameplay, promotional or in-game cinematic footage from the source material.
Gav’s music is fantastic, from a multitude of games and movies to original songs (by which I mean not inspired by anything but his own spark of insanity), and in pretty much every genre and style you can imagine, from the strangely alluring “Khajiit Like to Sneak” from Skyrim (the first song I heard actually) to the classic rock “My Iron Skin” inspired by Iron Man 3. Gavin isn’t afraid to mix things up and take risks, such as mixing native chants in with his Assassin’s Creed 3 songs, or collaborating with other singers on his Bioshock Infinite song, to switching musical styles and tones on the fly on the same piece, the aforementioned Bioshock Infinite song being a perfect example. Continue reading Stuff I like