Journalist Reflections – The Role of the Reviewer

I’m a reviewer. No, I don’t get paid for it (I wish), but I still think of myself as a reviewer. I take on games, series, films and books, consume them and then write down my arguments on what is good or bad about them. I sometimes receive these products directly from the developers/authors but other times I just buy them myself.

Lately I’ve been thinking of what the role of the reviewer is. Where should our focus lie, our loyalty and towards what do we strive? I’ve asked a few people I know, or things have come up in conversations that have made me consider the impact our reviews have. I don’t mean just on our readers but on the people who publish their different work for us to then mercilessly butcher.

I’ve narrowed my study to three key areas, plus a final one I feel is the most important: what do we review, for whom do we do it and how do we review? The last one is all about actually doing it, the presentation. Continue reading Journalist Reflections – The Role of the Reviewer