Revisiting The World – .Hack//G.U. Issues

For the past two weeks I’ve been replaying .Hack//G.U nonstop, thanks to the PC re-release, .Hack//G.U. Last Recode, which in addition of bringing back the original game and upscaling it, adds a new episode at the end. I can’t really comment on this last episode as I’m still playing through the three original ones.

But as I’ve slipped back into the shoes of the Terror of Death, Haseo, I’ve noticed things now that I never did on the original release years ago, things that when you’re going through the games you don’t really care about or notice unless everything is fresh in your mind, from either taking copious notes, having good memory or binge-playing through the volumes as I am. Continue reading Revisiting The World – .Hack//G.U. Issues

Localisation Complication

I like JRPGs. Between my weekly Final Fantasy IV episodes, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Xenoblade Chronicles X—which I’m still playing—and the recently released Tales of Berseria, I have quite the number of Japanese RPG titles to keep me entertainment.

But while I love the games and most of its tropes—except for the truly annoying ones—there is an aspect of them that I’ve grown to dislike over time and that is how the localisation teams translate words and concepts in ways that make them much more complicated than they should be, taking simple terms and translating them using strange terms that muddle their comprehension. Continue reading Localisation Complication