Attic Cleanup! 24-11-2013

This has been an interesting week to be honest. Work is still as annoying as ever but the week has had some major events, and I’ve had a lot of fun. Continue reading Attic Cleanup! 24-11-2013

Attic Cleanup! 17-11-2013

So another week has gone by and it’s been a mixed bag of interesting and terrible, not fatally so but it could’ve been better. Continue reading Attic Cleanup! 17-11-2013

The Fun and Quirky Legend of Zela: A Link Between Worlds trailer

With the new Zelda game just a couple of weeks from now, scheduled for November 22, Nintendo has just released a brand new trailer, a quirky, and very funny trailer in true Nintendo fashion, in which the game’s Producer, Eiji Aonuma, runs around New York trying to escape Nintendo of America agents, so they don’t take him back to work, showcasing Link’s new ability to help in his escape.

This was a sure-buy for me even before the trailer, which now has just made me even more excited about the game.

Here’s the trailer, courtesy of Nintendo Everything: