Rise of the Lawful Geek

A year or so ago I opened my first channel on Twitch, and like most of my accounts online I called it KKutlesa, my name and surname. Not the most creative I know, but it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t need to hide my name behind an alias, nor did I have any idea about building a brand. It was just a channel to have fun with once in a while. Continue reading Rise of the Lawful Geek

Extra Life 2015 – The Legend Continues!

Extra Life is an amazing event bringing together millions of gamers around the world to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, to help them continue their amazing work with children, by doing the things they love the most: playing awesome games. Every year, Extra Life raises millions of dollars from audience contributions to the different streamers that participate.

This year I joined their ranks as part of the amazing Team Tomb Raider Community. Along with the rest of the crew and led by our captain, the lovely Stella, we got our game-on this weekend and played as much as we could. We spoke, laughed and all but begged our audiences to donate to our individual participations while we hopefully entertained them with our virtual exploits. Continue reading Extra Life 2015 – The Legend Continues!