World of Warcraft Legion – Bring on the Archdruid!!

Yesterday was the launch day for World of Warcraft: Legion and when the expansion went live I was stuck at the office, almost counting the hours to run home to log in with my Druid and take the fight to the legion in the Broken Isles. Continue reading World of Warcraft Legion – Bring on the Archdruid!!

Why I love Hearthstone

There’s a reason I decided to make the Hearthbrawl series, a reason why every week I show you the current brawl and my misadventures in completing quests while taking part in them.

It’s because I love Hearthstone. And I’ve come to realise that my love for the game is not in its mechanics—or not just. It’s not the cards themselves, their abilities, the combinations I can think of in decks—which aren’t that many to be honest. It’s not the ladder or the competitive scene. It’s not even because it pulls at that part of me that played Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, World of Warcraft TCG and even Star Wars TCG.

It’s how whimsical it is. Continue reading Why I love Hearthstone