Character Look – The Joker

Last week I read the latest in the Opinion Battles hosted by Movie Reviews 101. It was “The Best Batman Villain.” I always read these at Emma’s site emmakwall (explains it all) and after reading the different opinions in the battle as well as the comments left on Emma’s site, I decided to drop my own, a mini-rant on why Joker was the best villain. Emma prompted me to write an entire article on it, so here I am.

My analysis on the Joke isn’t just in terms of films, but also comics, where most of my knowledge of the character comes from.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Joker is that he’s a force of chaos, that what he does is just random and with the only goal being more chaos, but the reality is different. Continue reading Character Look – The Joker

Dropping the Pen – The Storytelling Flaws in Batman Arkham

Let’s face it, we all love the Arkham Batman Series. They’re fun and (for the most part) make us feel like the Dark Knight, prowling the streets of Gotham, beating justice into the faces of criminals. But that’s not to say they don’t have flaws, tremendous ones, when it comes to storytelling.

Batman fans can nitpick away at the game’s timeline and portrayal of some secondary characters, but I’ll leave those alone. Continue reading Dropping the Pen – The Storytelling Flaws in Batman Arkham

Batman: Arkham Origins – Review

The Good

  • Roger Craig Smith & Troy Baker
  • Strong characterizations.
  • Good story, touching on all major Arkham universe plot points.
  • Fantastic character design.
  • ANARKY!!!
  • Crime-scenes

The Bad