Review: The Last Door Season 2 Collector’s Edition

Jeremiah Devitt crossed the threshold to the Other Side. Now Dr. Wakefield runs follows his footsteps, intent on finding his former patient and discover the secrets of The Last Door.
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Let’s Play The Last Door – Season 2 Episode 1 – The Playwright

The Last Door is a low-res gothic horror point & click adventure game. I reviewed the first season in 2014, finding its Lovecraftian horror story very intriguing and enjoyable, though I felt the sudden ending left you with no payoff for the season-long build-up.

A few months ago, Katie Hallahan of Phoenix Online Studios brought the new season to my attention, currently on Steam Early access. I rarely give Early Access titles a look, as I’m not a fan of the platform. But having played and done videos on ongoing episodic games such as The Slaughter and Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what the guys at The Game Kitchen have cooked up for this season!

I played through the first episode, I liked it, though I got stuck a couple of times because I didn’t realise an obvious clue as fast as I should’ve and then I forgot how to read roman numbers…yeah…

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The Last Door Collector’s Edition – Review

The Last Door: Collector’s Edition is a point & click adventure thriller set in Victorian Times, developed by the Spanish studio The Game Kitchen and published by Phoenix Online Publishing. Under the tagline “Low-res Graphics, High Suspense,” the Last Door tells the story of Jeremiah Devitt and his investigation into the sudden death of one of his oldest friends. Continue reading The Last Door Collector’s Edition – Review