Reviews – Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition


OVERVIEW: Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demons’ Souls by From Software and just like that game, it is brutally difficult and unforgiving. Both games are Action RPGs, where you take control of a generated character. This time around, the character is an Undead, though the game makes some distinctions between your brand of undead-ness and others such as zombies and skeletons, all of which appear in the game.

During the opening cinematic you are given the world’s background. The world used to be ruled by dragons and was pretty much a dark realm, until fire was born and within it, Dark Souls’ Gods found “The Souls of Lords” which gave them powers and they went to war against the dragons and wiped the floor with them, beginning the Age of Fire and the rule of the Gods. The prologue warns you that someday the fire will dwindle and that there are, among the living, those branded with the Darksign. Guess what? Yeah, you are one of those. Continue reading Reviews – Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition