Review: The Room: Old Sins

A new house, a new investigator and a brand-new complex set of puzzles to reach the Null element and discover the tale of those who fell to it. This is The Room: Old Sins.
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Review: The Town of Light

What would you do to find the missing pieces in your life, the fragments of your memory you thought lost forever? Would you return to the place where you lost them, to The Town of Light?

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Review: Shardlight

Years ago, the bombs came and destroyed the world. Disease and hopelessness grip the people, while the Aristocracy rules from their gilded homes. People don’t use lightbulbs anymore, but uranium shards, leaving the world in a strange green Shardlight glow.
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Review: The Room 3

You thought you got out, you thought you could forget it…but the pull of the Null is too strong and now you’re back where you started, back in The Room. Continue reading Review: The Room 3

Review: Berserk

If you were branded for death by evil spirits and you had to fend off nightmarish demons every night to survive, you wouldn’t last long. But Guts has, and continues to do so in Berserk.

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Let’s Play – Life is Strange

I reviewed Life is Strange last week, giving it the first ever Highlander score. The game completely blew my mind in storytelling, gameplay, characterisation and pretty much everything else, but if you’ve read the review you already know this.

For my review I played the game on my nightly broadcast on Twitch and YouTube and I’ve compiled it all in a nice Let’s Play playlist. For your convenience and enjoyment, I’ve made sure to split the playthrough into 15-20 minute videos. If a video is longer, it’s because it’s near the end of an episode or it’s one particular sequence.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did while playing it and that it brings you to tears like it did me.


Review: Life is Strange

All our lives are full of choices, some turn out right, some wrong but others make our life weirder. But if you can also turn back time, then your Life is Strange.

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