Playing with Expectations – Not So Scary Nancy Drew

Last month I wrote about expectations and how they have an impact on the emotional response you have with stories, games or any other form of entertainment. I wrote about how my expectations for a light-hearted romp made two Nancy Drew titles get to me. They managed to create tense atmospheres and even managed to scare me.

When I published that article, someone commented that I should have waited to play Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall, as it was the scariest of all Nancy Drew games.

Having recently finished this title—on my way to play all the games in the Nancy Drew series, a goal I’m very close to achieving—I thought it might be a good idea to tell you about my experience with Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall. Continue reading Playing with Expectations – Not So Scary Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Scares: Playing with Expectations

I have spoken in the past of the Nancy Drew games by HeR Interactive and despite the continued contrivance of its puzzle design and placement, I do thoroughly enjoy every title in the series I have played so far. Mind you, I didn’t start at the beginning of the series but jumped in around the 16th entry, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek after I saw it on an episode of Game Grumps—I am now going back to the earlier titles.

The Nancy Drew adventures are usually light-hearted and even if there is something sinister afoot, it’s never scary or tense—except for those timed-puzzles, those are nerve-wracking. So my expectations when playing one is that I’ll just have a good time with puzzles and some nice if sometimes over the top voice acting. Continue reading Nancy Drew Scares: Playing with Expectations

Review: Corpse Party

You’re in a dilapidated school with one of your friends. There are bones and corpses everywhere, and something in the shadows hunting after you. No, it’s not Shia Labeouf, it’s a bunch of scary Japanese ghosts. This is turning into a Corpse Party.

Continue reading Review: Corpse Party

Review: Ghost of a Chance

The Carnacki Institute protects the British Empire against threats from beyond the grave. Their agents confront otherworldly beings and terrible haunts every day. But nothing can prepare them for what’s coming to Oxford Tube Station and they’ll need all their wits about them to even have a Ghost of a Chance to win the day! Continue reading Review: Ghost of a Chance